Thursday, January 9, 2014

FREE Clothes!! ~ I just ordered a pair of gently used CK Jeans for totally free! Check it out!

Follow the instructions below to get a FREE $20.00 credit to Twice plus get a 25% off code. I ordered a pair of Calvin Klein Jeans, listed at $19.95 on their website. After the credit and the percent off, I have $0.03 left in my account. You do not have to enter a credit card number or Paypal information in order to get this! You do, however, have to have an Apple device in order to get the full $20, otherwise, you will still be able to get a $10 credit. 

  • Click here to create an account and get $10.00 credit.
  • Click here and download the Twice app from iTunes or simply search "Twice" in the App Store. Download the app then log in with your user name and password you just created, giving you another $10.00 credit.
  • Click here and take this quiz in order to get a 25% off code.
  • Add anything you wish. You can sort by size and price in order to find what you have enough credit for fast. If you are able to get the $20 credit and use the 25% off, you will have enough to purchase an item or items at $19.95 or less, making your purchase totally FREE! Shipping will be $5.00 but the 25% off credit will cover that! 
Update: I already got a shipping confirmation! I just ordered this morning and the estimated time of delivery is 2-3 days! They are super quick!