Monday, December 16, 2013

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Freebie ~ FREE Sample of Folgers Gourmet Coffee

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Help LOCAL families in Stephenville! Taking up donations for Christmas!

Amber's Angels is a local organization devoted to help families around Stephenville have a nice Christmas. These are hard working families who are just down on their luck this holiday season. This year, four families have been adopted by Amber. As couponers, we are more than able to help donate a few of the items requested. Please have a heart this holiday season by picking a few things you can spare and donate to this great local cause! I'll take up donations at my home and will pass the donations from our Stephenville Couponing group to Amber. Email me here and I will give you an address to drop the donations off at. 

Family #1

Older couple with no children, but need FOOD and HOUSEHOLD GOODS such as TP, shampoos, soaps, dishwashing detergent, clothes detergent, papers goods (plates, utensils,etc).

Family #2 ~ Mom with 3 kids:

5 year old boy. Needs size 4t and 4t slim in pants. Loves Sonic the Hedgehog.
18 month old boy. Needs 18 month to 2t clothes.
6 month old girl. Needs 12 month clothes.
Mom can use x-large scrub tops.
Of course, toys for any are appreciated. I'm sure diapers, socks, etc. And the food and household goods.

(My thoughts on the clothes are this: I won't give used clothes as an actual gift, but will provide them to the families as a donation. As long as the clothes are clean and in good condition, I would think these families would be grateful to have them!)

Family #3 ~ Mom, dad, and 3 girls.

8 year old. Size 10 clothes.
6 year old. Size 8 clothes.
9 weeks old. 0-6 month clothes.
They like movies, toys such as dress up, crafts, play dough, etc. Again, I'm sure mom and dad could use diapers, socks, undies, etc.
Food and household goods. Remember, I would love to be able to provide an actual cooked meal for Christmas Eve for ALL families!

Family #4 ~ Mom, single parent with 3 kids.

Girl 11. Size 19 (2x) in juniors, and 14/16 in pants
Girl 9. Size 19 (2x) in juniors, and 14/16 in pants
Boy 5. Size 6 pants, 8/10 in shirts. He likes action figures, toy guns, cars.
I don't have any more information on the things the girls like.
The family could use household goods. And, again, the Christmas meal!