Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to save without using coupons!

If you are always pressed for time and don't have time to clip coupons, there's alternate ways you can save money! Those being: ad matching, using in store coupons, and digital coupons.

Before you go on your grocery shopping trip, sit down and take 30 minutes to go through local supermarket and dollar store ads. All of them can be found online and you also may get a hard copy in your local newspapers. Simply write up your shopping list then scan through the ads. Mark the sale price and what store the sale is from next to the item on your shopping list. Walmart allows price matching so you can purchase all of the products you need at one place rather than going all around town to grab the deals. While you're in Walmart, make sure that the price you found in a competitor ad is cheaper than the Walmart's every day price. Sometimes, you will find that Walmart's price will be cheaper. Then, when you're at the register to check out, simply tell your cashier that you are going to be price matching some items. You will want to tell her this before she scans your item or else she will have to do a void. Tell her "the price for this cereal is $1.33 at Kroger." She will enter in an over-ride for the price of $1.33 instead of whatever the price Walmart sells it at. Walmart's ad-match policy states that you do not need to have the actual ad in hand in order to do an ad match but some stores are getting really particular about this because of people abusing the system. It's always best to try to have the ad if you can. This will save you many, many dollars just by ad matching sales prices!

Another way to save money is by using in-store coupons. Our local grocery store, HEB, has hanging yellow coupons in the store that are there for shoppers to take advantage of. Many coupons offer free products just for purchasing one other product that you probably were going to buy to begin with. Take time to look at the yellow coupons and see what kind of deal you can get by using them. Sometimes it may mean buying a different brand than your used to but it's great to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while! Other stores like Family Dollar and Walgreens offer in store coupons that you can find in the sales ad.

And last, the digital coupon is a great way to save money. Kroger and Brookshire's are our two local stores that have digital coupons available. You simply go online to their website and load whatever digital coupons you think you may need then when you scan your store card at the register, the savings are automatically deducted! If you don't like to be seen using coupons, this is a great way to save, incognito style! :)