Friday, September 20, 2013

Walmart ~ Equate (Walmart Brand) Printable Coupon!

Okay, I'm excited about seeing this coupon! Why? Because I have NEVER seen an "Equate" Brand coupon before! Equate is the brand that is marketed under Walmart and only sold at Walmart as their "store" brand. This is exciting because this means that there is potential for Walmart to release MORE Equate Brand coupons in the future! How cool is that? This could mean awesome savings on our end! 

This coupon is for $1.00 off any Equate Pad or Pantyliner Product. I've not personally verified the price at my local Walmart but I'll go ahead and share the price that the other blogger posted.  All Walmarts usually sell products right around the same price range. 
Or, for the pantyliners, do this deal:

As always, you are allowed two prints per computer!

Thank you to MyCouponLady for sharing this deal!