Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kroger ~ $1.24 for a Gallon of Milk!! WOW!

Wow! This is an awesome deal on a gallon of milk! The offer expires 9/28 at 12:59 am so hurry and get over to your local Kroger or affiliate store to grab yours then get it submitted before the deadline! Here's how you can score it for only $1.24, after sale and ibotta redemption::

First, if your not an ibotta member, please sign up. It's an awesome app for your smartphone that you can use to redeem offers on certain products. You purchase one/some of the qualifying purchases then when you get home, take a picture of your receipt with your phone and submit the receipt through the app. Within no time (20-30 minutes in most cases), your submission will be accepted and at that time (once you get $5.00 in your ibotta account), you can choose to withdraw your money from ibotta to your Paypal account. It's all very simple to do, although it may sound complicated at first. Give it a try!

Buy (1) Gallon of Milk, on sale for $1.99
= Like paying just $1.24 after ibotta redemption!!

P.S. If Kroger is too far to drive, you can always price match the sale at Walmart! That's what I'm doing today! :)