Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My shopping trips ~ Saved $228.02 :)

Just to show you how to save money while shopping, I'm sharing what I spent at each store I went to yesterday. :)

Yesterday, my friend, Marie and I went on a bargain hunting excursion in a nearby town! We had a great day. We found some great deals and here's the breakdown of my finds::

1. Goodwill ~ Bought two tops and paid $9.07. These are nice tops that would have cost $20 each (or more) in a department store. They had little to no wear! If you haven't checked out your local Goodwill store, I suggest you do! This is a savings of $30.93 or 77%!

2.  Family Dollar ~ Bought 3 bottles of Wisk detergent, a workout outfit, and a bottle of Hellman's Mayo on clearance for $17.95. This is a savings of $14.62 or 53%!

3.  Walmart ~ Bought 6 items, including a pair of yoga pants for $3.00! I paid $2.75 total! This is a savings of $20.45 or 88%!!

4.  Kroger ~ Bought 67 items and paid $83.56! This equals $1.25 per item! Some of them were free items from BzzAgent. I saved $115.34 or 58%!

5.  CVS ~ Bought 3 ZzzQuill and paid $0.00! (Used prior ECB's which totaled $8.00, got $3 in ECB back). This is a savings of $15.00 or 100%!!

6.  Dollar General ~ Bought 6 Jello Instant Pudding Mix and 6 Capri Sun Big Pouches. Paid $2.67. Saved $8.00 or 75%!

7.  HEB ~ Bought chicken, beef, sausage, hot dogs, fresh vegetables, ect. I got $6 in FREE produce and got $10 off my meat purchase with the coupons I posted the other day. I spent $34.49. I saved $23.68 or 41%