Friday, July 19, 2013

Look what I got in the mail today!

Woohoo! Look what I got in the mail today! Months ago, I emailed King's Hawaiian and told them how much I love their bread and that my son especially loves their rolls. (Of course, I do love their products but I did so in order to try to get some free product coupons! ;) ) Within a week, they did send me two free product coupons! How cool was that? Since I had contacted them before, they were nice enough to send me more goodies! I got what's pictured in the mail today! I got a King's Hawaiian Round Bread, a coupon for a free product, King's Hawaiian sunglasses, and a reusable King's Hawaiian shopping bag! I love surprises in the mail. If you want to try for yourself, simply email King's Hawaiian and sincerely tell them how much you love their products and that you are a big fan! Don't be greedy and ask for free product coupons, though. ;)  Good luck!