Monday, July 22, 2013

7/28 P&G Insert Preview

Here is the 7/7 P&G preview. I copied this from

EXPIRATION DATE: August 31, 2013…(all exclude travel and trial size)
$1.00 off One Metamucil
$3.00 off One Align Product
$ .50 off One Pepto Product
$1.00 off One Prilosec Product
$1.00 off One ZzzQuil Product
$ .50 off One Crest Pro Health Stages or Kid’s Crest Toothpaste 4.2 oz or larger
$ .50 off One Oral B Pro Health Stages or Kids Crest manual or power toothbrush
$ .50 off Crest toothpaste, 4 oz+, excl Cavity, Baking Soda, Tartar Control
$1.50 off Crest Rinses, 458 mL+
$ .50 off Oral-B Pulsar, 3D White, Pro-Health, Complete or (2) Indicator or Cavity Defense toothbrushes
$ .50 off Oral-B Glide floss, 35m+ or (2) Oral-B Glide floss picks, 30 ct.+
$1.50 off Two Fixodent Adhesives 1.4 oz or larger
$ .50 off One Fixodent Adhesives 1.4 oz or larger
$3.00 off Oral-B adult battery toothbrush or 3D white action rechargeable toothbrush
$3.00 off One Oral-B replacement brush heads 2 or 3 ct
$5.00 off One Venus razor and One Venus refill (excludes disposables)
$ .50 off One Ivory or Safeguard personal cleansing items (excludes dish & laundry)
$ .50 off One Ivory or Safeguard personal cleansing items (excludes dish & laundry)
$2.00 off Tampax Pearl or Radiant tampons or Pearl liners, 16 ct. +
$1.00 off Tampax product, 16 ct. +
$2.00 off Always Infinity or Radiant pads or Radiant Pantiliners
$ .50 off Tampax Product 16+
$ .50 off Always Pantiliner 30+
$ .50 off Always Pad or Feminine Cleansing Product
Buy One Herbal Essences Shampoo, Get One Herbal Essences Conditioner or Styling Product FREE (EXPIRES 8/11/13)
$1.00 off Herbal Essences body wash
$ .75 off One Old Spice bar soap
$2.00 off One Secret Clinical deodorant, excl 0.5 oz
$1.00 off One Clairol product
$3.00 off Two Clairol product
$5.00 off Three Clairol product
$1.00 off Two Aussie product
$3.00 off OneVidal Sassoon hair color
$3.00 off Two CoverGirl eye product, excl accessories
$1.00 off One CoverGirl product, excl accessories
$1.50 off CoverGirl product, excl accessories
$5.00 off Olay Pro-X facial moisturizer or cleaner, excl brush refill trial size
$2.00 off One Olay Total Effects or Olay Defying Facial moisturizer or facial cleaner
$1.00 off One Olay facial moisturizers or Olay facial cleanser
Buy One Old Spice body wash Get $2.00 off One 4 bar soap 4 ct+
$5.00 off One Braun Cool Tec Shaver
Buy One Gillette Fusion ProGlide cartridge Get $5.00 Off one Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor
$2.00 off One Gillette Fusion ProGlide Shave Prep
Buy Two Old Spice Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant products Get One Old Spice Body Spray Free
Buy One Gillette Mach 3 Cartridge Get One Gillette Shave Prep Free
$ .50 off One Gillette Body Wash or Gillette Anti-Perspirant/deodorant
$ .50 off One Mr Clean Liquid, Spray or Eraser
$1.00 off One Iams so good dog food
$ .50 off One Cascade Action Pacs
$ .25 off One Dawn
$ .50 off One Dawn Hand Renewal, Power Clean, Bleach Alternative or Oxi
$1.00 off One Bounty Dura Towel 6 ct +
$ .25 off One Bounty Towels or Napkins
$ .25 off One Charmin Products
$ .25 off Three Puffs Singles or One 3 pack or larger
Buy One Febreze Fabric Refresher or Bedding Refresher Get One Febreze Stick & Refresh or Bedside Diffuser FREE
$1.00 off One Febreze Air effects or bedroom mist
$1.00 off One Febreze Noticeables refill or bedroom diffuser
$1.00 off One Febreze Candle
$1.00 off One Febreze Car Vent Clip
$5.00 off One Swiffer WetJet starter kit
$1.00 off One Swiffer Sweeper starter kit or duster extender starter kit
$3.00 off One Swiffer Sweeper XL starter kit
$1.00 off One Swiffer refill
$2.00 off One Swiffer Bissell Steamboost refill
$1.50 off Two Bags or One Box Pampers Diapers or Pants
$1.00 off One Dreft
$3.00 off Three Tide, Downy, Tide Boost, Tide to go, Tide machine cleaner or Bounce
$1.50 off Two Tide, Downy, Tide Boost, Tide to go, Tide machine cleaner or Bounce
$ .50 off One Tide, Downy, Tide Boost, Tide to go, Tide machine cleaner or Bounce
$2.00 off One Tide Boost 18-37 ct
$ .75 off One Duracell Copper Top Ultra Power Ultra Phot Lithium or Specialty Batteries
$1.50 off One Duracell Rechargeable Batteries or One Duracell Charger or One 6 pack or larger ofduracell hearing aid batteries