Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mail Call!!

So, I was gone for 5 days, visiting my family down in Houston and come home to all these wonderful goodies in my mailbox! It was stuffed full! I love getting stuff in my mail. What about you?? If so, just sign up for the offers I post to the blog and you will get the same things!

Here's what I got:

  • My Bzz Kit full of FREE Kroger Premium Selection product coupons
  • Huggies coupons good at CVS
  • 25% off at CVS coupon 
  • Gain Fireworks Scents
  • Dunkin Donuts FREE coffee coupon
  • 10 FREE business cards from
  • FREE Magazine
  • FREE Bottle of BioTrue contact solution with a $2.00 off coupon
  • FREE Bottle of Mio Water Flavoring
  • Sample of Olive Oil with coupon
  • A Bunch of coupons from House Party for Nerf Water Soakers since I didn't get picked to actually host a party