Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Who uses Dickinson's Witch Hazel? I have a MM Scenario for you!

The Stephenville CVS has a couple of bottles of Dickson's Witch Hazel with a FREE OFFER tag hanging on them. (Hopefully your CVS does as well.) It's for a rebate of the full purchase price. In this case, the price is $4.99. I have some $2.00/1 coupons I got from Influenster. If you would like a coupon, email me your address and I'll mail you one so you can earn $2.00 from this deal.

  • Purchase 1 Dickson's Witch Hazel @ $4.99
  • Use (1) $2.00/1 Coupon from me
  • Pay $2.99 out of pocket
  • Submit Rebate for (Less $4.99)
  • = $2.00 Moneymaker, after rebate