Sunday, March 10, 2013

CVS ~ Edge Shave Gel as low as $0.49

There are two different ways you can get really cheap Edge Shave Gel at CVS this week. One way will get you one can for $0.49. The other way will get you two cans for $1.49. Yes, it's a little more expensive when you buy two but you only get a total of one $2.00 ECB back. So, if you get two, it's actually cheaper in the long run. 

Since you only get one $2.00 ECB back, if you go scenario #1 and buy two cans, you will pay $2.98 after ECB. If you go scenario #2 and buy the two cans, you pay only $1.49 for two cans. Confused yet? Here's how to do it:

Scenario #1:
  • Buy 1 Edge Shave Gel @ $3.49
  • Use $1.00/1 coupon from the 3/10 SS
  • Pay $2.49, Get back $2.00 ECB
  • Like paying $0.49 after ECB
Scenario #2:
  • Buy 2 Edge Shave Gel @ $3.49 each = $6.98 for two
  • Use this B1,G1 Free coupon
  • Pay $3.49, Get back $2.00 ECB
  • Like paying $1.49 or $0.75 each, after ECB