Monday, February 25, 2013

CVS ~ $0.47 Money Maker Trip Today! (Saved $21.55)

I went into CVS today to see if I could get a good deal on the Sally Hanson Gel Strips because I had a coupon I printed last week plus I had a $4.00/$10.00 CVS Red Machine Coupon for the Gel Strips and I knew they were giving $5 in ECB back.  I also came armed with a 20% off on my account that I sent to my card (from an email from CVS).  I also had a $4.00 ECB that I got back yesterday from a different transaction.  All of these factors added together helped me actually walk out of CVS with $0.47 more than I had when I walked in. :) Here's how I did it:

Transaction #1:
  • ThermaCare Heat Wrap @ $3.49 each, receive a $3.49 ECB back
  • Dawn Dish Soap @ $0.99 each, less a $0.50 off coupon
Subtotal - $3.98
Less $4.00 ECB that I had when I came in (adjusted to $3.98)
Total - $0.00, Received a $3.49 ECB

Transaction #2:
  • Sally Hanson Instant Gel Strips @$14.99, less a $5.00 printable coupon, less a $4.00/$10 CVS Red Machine Coupon for Gel Strip Purchase, receive a $5.00 ECB
  • (Used my 20% off coupon on the full price of the Gel Strips ($14.99 so I got $3.00 off here)
  • Trident Gum @ $0.99 (I got this or else I wouldn't have been able to use the full amount of my $3.49 ECB from Transaction #1..they will adjust the ECB down, like in Transaction #1 but I'd rather them not)
Subtotal - $15.98
Less $15.49 in coupons as shown above
Total plus $0.04 in Tax was $0.53, Received a $5.00 ECB