Saturday, January 5, 2013

Where to go for legit printable coupons

Many people who are just starting out with their couponing tend to not know where to find the best and legit printable coupons. I'm going to share the best of the best with you right here so you don't have to worry about printing a fake coupon! Some of these require you to install a java app on your computer. It's totally fine. Don't worry about that. :) All of these sites allow you to print two coupons per computer. You can only print coupons from an iPhone via a wireless HP printer due to a contract between and HP.  The others are only printable through a laptop or a desktop.  Sorry, phone users... I highly recommend investing in a laptop and printer for printing coupons because so many great deals can be had with these! Another idea is to go to your local library to print coupons or, try asking a friend or family member to borrow their computer and printer to print some.