Friday, January 11, 2013

Coupon Lingo / Acronyms

MM ~ Money maker. Overage you earn by using coupons on a product that has a shelf price less than the coupon price. Some stores will adjust the coupon price to omit the overage.

MFG ~ Manufacturer. Stands for manufacture coupon. These coupons can be used at any store that accepts coupons.

Q ~ Coupon. You will never see me type this. It annoys me. :)

BOGO or B1G1 ~ They are both the same. The number 1 stands for the number "1", written out. It will end with either FREE or 1/2 off.  To let you know what you the the other one for.

Blinkie ~ It's a coupon that came out of a coupon machine or coupon holder at a grocery store.

CAT ~ Catalina.  It's a coupon that is printed at the end of a transaction. Walgreens and HEB has catalinas around here.

ECB ~ Extra Care Buck.  A store credit earned from CVS when buying certain products that week.  It's equal to cash but only usable at CVS.

MIR ~ Mail in Rebate.  A reward earned when buying a product that is redeemable for that reward. Manufacturer's will sometimes promote their products by providing consumers money back in the form of a check because they bought the product to try.

OOP ~ Out of Pocket.  Money that you actually pay for your transaction out of your own.  Does not include store perks or rewards or money you may receive for a mail in rebate.

P&G ~ Procter and Gamble.  The leading manufacturer of personal and miscellaneous household products They submit coupon inserts at the end of each month and are available locally in the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

RP ~ Red Plum.  A coupon insert, available in both the Fort Worth Star Telegram and the local Empire Tribune. They feature many different products, mainly beauty and household products.

SS ~ SmartSource.  A coupon insert, available locally in the Fort Worth Star Telegram.  They feature many different manufacturers of products, mainly food products.

Freebie ~ Free item.  A free item that you acquired for no out of pocket expense by either using a coupon at a store or by submitting your information online for a sample product.

(I'll add more as I think of them.)