Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to get individual coupons mailed to you at $0.15 each!

I've had several people ask me how to get certain coupons or how to get more of a coupon they really like. I  have never looked into it but I had "liked" Wiz Clips on Facebook when they first started and never really paid attention to the service. It really seems like a great deal! You order a bundle of 10 of the same coupon and they all cost the same - $1.50 for 10. That's shipping and tax included. All you pay is $1.50 for 10! That comes out to $0.15 each. That's a great deal, to me! I think that if you were to purchase them, and you don't need all 10, you can sell the rest to a friend.

They take all forms of payment via Paypal but if you use a check, they have to wait for your check to clear before they ship.

If you purchase by noon, they send them out the same day. They only send via first class mail through the postal service so they may not come for two or three days. They are based out of Florida so use your common sense here.  If your on the West coast, it may take up to a week for your coupons to be delivered and if you are in Florida, you may get them the next day.

Anyway, my review is excellent. I would recommend giving Wiz Clipz a try!

Click here to visit their website!

P.S. I'll post about how to get whole insert packs tomorrow.