Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CVS ExtraCare ExtraBucks Rewards!

Be sure to log in to your ExtraCare account periodically to see what savings you can get. The picture above is from my account. Unfortunatly, I've used all of my reward for the week but as you see on the right, I'm due for my quarterly rewards on October 1st! CVS is like Santa and gives you money to shop with them. Like I said, be sure to check your account regurally! Every quarter, they also give you 2% back on your spending in the form of ExtraCare Bucks! Read more about the program here.

Every time you set foot in the door of CVS, be sure you scan your card at the Red Machine. It's known to spit some wonderful coupons out which give you FREE products. Last time, I got CVS brand body wash for only $0.39. The time before, I got CVS brand lotion for FREE! And the time before that, I got FREE Advil and FREE Aleve! Most of the time, the coupons that come out of the Red Machine are for use on any size so you can get smaller sizes for cheap or free. And, you are able to stack a manufacturer's coupon with these for even more savings!

Another way to get free money at CVS is to buy a Green Bag Tag.  They cost $0.99. Simply attach it to any reusable shopping bag and every time you shop there, bring your bag and tag then have the cashier scan the tag before you pay.  Every 4th visit earns you $1.00 in ExtraCare Bucks!  Over the coarse of time, that can equal a lot of free money.  You can learn more about the program here.  

I know there's an iPhone app for CVS so be sure to download it. You can do lots of fun things with it like view the ad, make a shopping list, check your rewards, send photos to print among many others.